Expanding your world on the social media

The social media is a big platform for meeting so many people, sharing ideas, belief and culture without necessarily having to meet physically. It is a platform that promotes interpersonal relationship through: Facebook (which is the most common), Instagram (another popular social media application), Whats App, Snap chat, twitter to mention a few. Although over time social media has given room for some fraudulent activities, but in all it has been a good means of communication among people of different folks, culture and ethnicity, and has also improved their communication system. Talking about the social media, Instagram precisely is an application that enables you upload, like and comment on pictures, it is mostly used by people of all races. This application is used in over hundreds of countries bringing the world closer. Pictures of events, happenings and occasions are uploaded regularly. It also allows the upload of videos, especially short clips. It has many other interesting features, like editing your pictures and making live videos.

What makes every social media platform interesting for an individual is the number of followers, viewers, commentators and likes on the pictures. Instagram followers boost is achievable through the below recommendations being implemented:

* Upload of recent pictures that are stunning and beautiful either of your self, place or food as the case may be to interest people to check on your page.

* Upload videos of trending events, like football highlights, award night for music, art works and movies

* Post updated news of recent happenings around the world, on politics, health, economy, and entertainment

* Upload videos of comedy skits, trailer of movies to be released soon in the cinemas, also update on the date of release

* Engage your followers in games and discussion, give them incentives that require them to share them by increasing the number of people

* Get things to advertise especially essential product for both male and female which makes people come to check your page

* Post write-ups that inspire people for the day and also allow update your profile.

Increasing the number of followers on most social media applications requires searching. But this can be boycotted only if the necessary measure listed above are done continuously and certain things are avoided which means the social media has it’s dos and don’ts to increase followers. Here are some of the don’ts:

* Avoid provocative pictures and videos

* Do not discuss unimportant issues and make sure it is informative as well as it is educative

* Do not give updates that are not reliable.

* Do not repeat pictures, videos and news too often

If all these things are done properly and constantly, the increase in followers on your page or profile as the case may be, will be exciting and great. As all the following appeals to people and they love to see more always.

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